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Stacking Armor

You might have done in the past which is not stacking armor on all of your clothing pieces especially the one called the armadillo so i’ve covered how to find this and craft epic version of these in one of the previouss but definitely go ahead and don’t do the mistake of not carrying at least a few of these for each piece of clothing that you have that is why is recommended to get item pieces that have as many modding slots as possible since this is going to give you access to more armadillo mods and a way bigger increase in armor for your character for example if you were to go on the very high difficulty with over 5 000 armor you’re literally going to be immortal because you’re going to block about 95 of all incoming damage that comes from bullets and of course from melee attacks and the same goes with the damage mods on weapons by the way you can totally stack these with one another like especially the crunch mode go ahead and do so because just a few of these can increase your damage by up to 30 on the same weapon without having anything else equipped.

Upgrading items

The fact that upgrading items Or Johnny Silverhand Items Locations Native Gamer  is a complete waste of time and resources right now in the game at least in its current state let’s take the example with these two shirts one of them has been acquired at a pretty low level so it only comes with about 81 armor meanwhile that one that has been acquired more recently has about 199 so that is a pretty huge difference now what would happen if we were to go ahead and bring the low level one to the maximum level and get it closer to that 199 armor mark well that would be extremely extremely expensive to the point that like the last 10 levels of upgrade would cost like hundreds of resources each for even the more rare ones so this will literally mean that for one single item to bring it from the lowest level to the highest level you would need to spend thousands of each of the resources every single time which is a complete waste unless you have done something in the past to dupe your items and want to kind of get rid of them so that your save file doesn’t become corrupted yes you can definitely go ahead and do so you can bump any low level item to the current level 50 item quality you can definitely do that but otherwise it’s a complete waste of resources which is why we would suggest to avoid it at least for the clothing pieces.

Not crafting bullets

let’s also talk about one that well unfortunately we must admit that we kind of did it all the way up until the middle of the game which was not crafting bullets and regen packs when we totally had the option in my crafting menu with little to no investment at all right from the beginning of the game so maybe you knew this maybe you didn’t but you can actually craft any type of bullet in the game for any type of weapon with a single press of a bun and barely any resource consumption and the same goes with the regen packs by the way you don’t have to craft too many of these it also doesn’t consume too many resources.

Not rely on enemy drops

You’re be able to not rely on enemy drops anymore and even more so be a knucklehead like me and head over into battle without having any bullets in my weapons moving on to number seven are you sure that you crafted the best possible version of that iconic legendary that you just got because chances are you probably didn’t and this brings us to the crafting menu that kind of presents you with a ton of options and even more so a ton of information that you might otherwise overlook now if you pay attention to these item cards they immediately tell you a pretty complete picture and that is the fact that there is a pretty wild stat range when it comes to these well stats that you can get on each of these weapons this includes everything from damage to critical chance to the bonuses on it to like even the way it functions all of these will be random every time you craft one of these examples.

Not Rely On The Weapon

The list and that is to not rely on the weapon that you just crafted simply because it’s the only one you crafted in fact you might even want to craft multiple of the same pieces until you get the proper one with the highest stats possible let me give an example with this carnage shotgun there’s such a huge difference between just two of these examples that it can go all the way up to 30 percent additional damage and way better stats on the item card you might even want to create additional save files and go over the ones that might have higher stats and have something to roll back to in case you can’t craft newer ones with better stats just my opinion but again you’re free to do whatever you want to moving on to number eight this is going to be the last one on the list and even though this isn’t a fully on.


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