Where is Stack Shack in the Fortnite?


Season 2 of Fortnite is just about to end, but most players are still stuck on Meowscles Mischief challenges. Week one of these challenges demands players to visit three landmarks without swimming.

So, just like other players, you might be wondering where Stack Shack is? We don’t know about others, but you’re bound to be made well aware of this answer. Continue reading if you want to find out the exact location of Stack Shack in Fortnite.

Stack Shack

Stack Shack is a much lesser-known landmark. It’s way far away from most landmarks, and we highly doubt it was in previous challenges. Present in grid square A4 Stack Shack provides quick access to a Choppa near the safe house.

All three points, including Stack Shack, are landmarks. That’s why their names won’t appear on the map like other locations in Fortnite. Once you enter the targetted area, the locations will appear on the map with their names.

Stack Shack Location

First and foremost, get a hold of a map. Now, head over to the A4 section of the map because that’s Stack Shack’s precise location. Stack Shack is on the north-western side of the infamous Holly Hedges.

This area consists of an island that’s one of the most prominent ones comparatively. Furthermore, this is the only island that features a building. Hence, spotting Stack Shack would become even more comfortable with this identification trick.

As you’re visiting all three landmarks within the same match, it’s preferably better to visit the closest one to the choppa before others. So, if you’re picking up the Choppa from the safe house, the closest landmark will be Stack Shack.

How To Reach Stack Shack Without Swimming

The first part of Meowscles’Mischief Challenges will ask you to visit the three landmarks, e.g., Coral Cove, Stack Shack, And Crash Site. The underlying trouble is the confusion that how you can visit these season 2 landmarks surrounded by water.

Swimming through the water bodies isn’t an option, so there should be an alternative way to solve this complication. The previously mentioned Choppas can be used to visit all three landmarks within a single match.

Not only is this a faster alternative, but it’s much more accessible. Players can also build ramps or opt for a boat if they’re way too scared of the Henchmen surrounding the Choppas.


Completing this challenge within a single match promises the fact that you’ll get rewarded with 40000XP. Consequently, you’ll get access to the latest battle pass fortgag free skins and progress even further.


So, hurry up! Why’re you still waiting? Just follow this simple step by step guide and gain 40000XP right away!


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