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LG  TONE Free FP8 mini wireless earbuds released on the 7th July 2021. Their price is $146 USD. They contain the dimensions 2.1 × 2.8 × 2.3 cm of earbuds and 5.5 × 5.5 × 3 cm of their case. The weight of the earbuds is 5.2 grams and its case weighs about 38 grams. This is the best model of earbuds, its model number is TONE-FP8.

Each microphone earbud contains the three mics with noise cancellation These tiniest earbuds have good water resistance. These are waterproof with a rating of IPX4. Their Bluetooth connectivity is 5.2 Hardware.

Qi Wireless Charger:

The retail package of LG TONE Free FP8 best earbuds contains the two true wireless earbuds, a short USB-A to USB-C cable, a charging case having an integrated battery, and medium or large silicone gel earbuds tips. You can directly attach the charging case with Qi wireless charger and also with the smartphone. This system supports reverse wireless charging. The carrying case of these earbuds holds up the Qi wireless charging. You can read more earbuds reviews at Electro Guides blog.

 Who is the LG TONE Free FP8 for?

People who want the moderately customized wireless best smallest earbuds should buy the LG TONE Free FP8 earbuds. They will surely enjoy playing out with the Android apps.

The commuters can buy these earbuds, who need an easy, comfortable, and portable set of the smallest Bluetooth earbuds. They might have to slip the TONE Free FP8 into their pockets.

People can ease their anxieties with the help of the UVnano case who is concerned about sanitization.

Bluetooth Connection :

 LG TONE Free FP8 seems to be familiar. Its main priority is Portability as the buds are light in weight. The case of these earbuds impresses people due to their mini size and pocketable. LG TONE Free FP8 contains the Airpods Pro silhouette that crossed out the OnePlus Buds Pro that has some playful jewel sheen of the Galaxy Buds Pro. These tiny Bluetooth earbuds are equipped with Swift Pairing(PC) and Google Fast Pair (Android 6.0+) in this way, your earbuds have a connection and you can easily and quickly listen to the Bluetooth product.  For initially pairing, first, open the case and then press over the left earbud, here the light of the earbud’s case flashes blue. Then both earbuds pair automatically under the subsequent uses. Under subsequent uses, it pairs automatically.

Battery timing :

 They have good playing time, about 6 hours with the ANC enabled and up to 10 hours with ANC off. This smallest wireless earbuds case offers the music playback of additional 14 hours with ANC off and 9 hours with ANC on. The 5 minutes of charging yields up to 60 minutes of battery life. These earbuds require one hour to fully charge and two hours to fully charge the case.  Its charging case usually supports the Qi wireless charging system. If any ANC true wireless earbuds contain this battery life then it is a pretty, healthy, and impressive battery timing.

Advantages :

  • These earbuds are very comfortable and easily adjustable to fit in the ear.
  • They contain a reliable touch interface.
  • These earbuds are water-resistant with IPX4 ratings.
  • They have bacteria-killing lights.
  • They provide you with good solid-quality audio performance.
  • They perform with the various ANC modes.
  • They give you a stable connection with Bluetooth.

Disadvantages :

  • Their ANC mode is not as prominent as other true wireless earbuds.
  • Its fitting is not super secured to fit in the ears.
  • These are portable earbuds.
  • Through the app setting, they can be frozen.
  • They contain just SBC and AAC system SBC and AAC.
  • They have no aptX system.

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