5 Tips for Starting a new Instagram Account


Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms and it is famous for photo sharing. When Instagram was first developed it was only used for posting images and videos. But with time, this platform has become vaster now many people are earning from this platform. There are many different ways through which every user of Instagram can earn money. To become an Instagram user all you have to do is to make your account on Instagram and set your bio and profile.

If you are a user on Instagram you can follow different people, even celebrities. You can follow your friends on Instagram and see what they are doing in their daily lives. But if you want to earn from this platform you have to switch your user account to a business account. On a business account, you will get many different privileges and many people will get attracted to your account. When you get started on Instagram you have few or fewer followers. To increase your followers you have to do a lot of hard work. Some of the tips to start a new account on Instagram are mentioned below.

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Post Daily:

If you want more engagement on your Instagram profile then the best way is to post daily on your profile. To get more followers on your Instagram profile you should post interesting content such as photos and videos that deliver some emotion such as love, happiness, motivation, and something else. If you post daily on your profile once a day more people will follow you because they will get impressed when they will see your post every day with amazing content. Another advantage of posting every day on Instagram is that when the Instagram algorithm will see that you are posting daily it will deliver your content to several other people and they will follow you.

Set Up Your Bio:

The first and very important step to start your Instagram account is to first set up your profile by providing an interesting bio and setting your profile photo. Bio is one of the most important factors to convince the users of Instagram to follow you is to give an amazing and interesting bio. If you have some business on Instagram then in your bio you must mention your brand and everything related to your brand. You must set the picture on your profile that is relevant to your brand. After that, you must post pictures and videos on your profile about the product so that the users get an idea of what type of products you are selling.

Use Hashtags:

After you set up your profile the next step is that every time you post something you must use hashtags. Hashtags are the best way to get engaged with your followers. The maximum number of hashtags that you can use under each post is 30 and the minimum number is nine. Hashtags are the best way to attract more followers to your account and in this way, you will get a large fan following. You must use hashtags that are relevant to your brand. For example, if your brand name is Islamabad Interiors you should use the hashtag #Islamabadinterior. Every user who will search for the keyword interior of your brand will appear in the top 10.

Give URL and Link:

Giving the URL and link of your brand website in your bio is very important. Always give the URL of your brand website on the end line so that the users get excited to see what is in that link and URL. Another reason for giving URLs and links is that if some user likes a product on your account and wants to buy it they will click on that link and be directed to your website. In this way, the user will buy the product from your website.

Use Instagram Stories:

You can use Instagram Stories to promote your account. Instagram stories have many different features such as classic, modern, neon, and many others. On your Instagram account go to the stories option, open it and select the image you want to post. On that photo, you can change the style, add text, colours, images, animations, and much more. Instagram is also the best way to attract more people to your account. Many people don’t have enough time to view your profile; they just see the stories to get an idea of the product. You can post short stories of about 5 seconds in which you can give a demo of the product you are selling. If you are not selling anything then post interesting videos and photos on the story to tell people what is happening in your life.


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