Where is the Box Factory in the Fortnite?


The box factory is a relatively newly added landmark in Fortnite’s gameplay. Hence its a bit difficult to locate for both newbies and intermediate players.

My friend, you’ve just landed yourself in for a treat because we’re about to share the exact location of Fortnite’s Box factory.

Solving the Season 2 challenges is now going to be like eating a piece of cake for you. Continue reading for more information about the Box factory and Creepin Cardboard challenges.

 Box factory in Fortnite

Box factory is an essential constituent of the Creepin Cardboard challenges in Fortnite’s Chapter 2: Battle Royale. It’s pretty similar to Sneaky Snowman. Locating the Box factory is a proposition that shouldn’t get neglected if you wish to progress onto the next levels.


The players can come across the box factory near the southern side of a little white ridge. Also, try to locate it on the map, between two of the comparatively more prodigious hilltops.

It’s not possible to completely describe this building, considering it’s extremely nondescriptive. It’s fair to label it as a box-like structure with stairs progressing from the back.

This area might seem familiar to a few players. That’s because players have previously been here for the mysterious military bunker.

How to complete the Creepin Cardboard challenge in Fortnite?

In Fortnite’s current season, players have the liberty to carry around a disguise. It would be fair to label the Fortnite Box Factory location as the perfect area to utilize this disguise.

The Creepin Cardboard items can be seen all over the Fortnite island, but in this challenge, they are of no use. This Fortnite Creepin cardboard challenge requires you to hide in at the Box Factory.

So, to complete the challenge, head over to the box factory. After entering, you’ll get greeted by a massive amount of boxes scattered everywhere. Use the hide command and hide. That’s all it takes to complete this challenge and to progress to the next one.

Use the boxes to avoid any combat or conflict with enemies. Consequently, you’ll be able to survive the challenge for a relatively long period.

Note: Players must try to delay their arrival in the box factory. That’s because, simultaneously, various other individuals might be heading over to the box factory to complete the same challenge. Consequently, there would be chances of an early rush.


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